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When protecting your valuable vehicles, you need more than just insurance – you need a partner who understands your unique needs. At Stallion Insurance Group, we specialize in providing tailored auto insurance coverage that goes beyond the basics. Whether you own cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, RVs, antique cars, classic cars, food trucks, trailers, semis, or rigs, we have the vehicle insurance coverage you need.

Customized Coverage for Your Vehicles

We recognize that no two vehicles are alike, and neither are their insurance requirements. Our seasoned agents work closely with you to create a personalized insurance plan that fits your needs. Whether you’re seeking car, auto, motorcycle, boat, or truck insurance, our policies protect your investments adequately.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

We offer motorcycle insurance quotes that strike the perfect balance between coverage and affordability. With our policies, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing you have the protection you need, whether cruising through city streets or tackling scenic routes.

Comprehensive Boats Insurance Services

If you’re a boat owner, our boat insurance services ensure you can enjoy your time on the water without concerns. Our coverage spans personal watercraft to luxury yachts, offering you peace of mind while you navigate the waves.

Truck Insurance Coverage for Business Owners

Our truck insurance coverage safeguards your valuable assets while keeping your business operations running smoothly. Whether you’re an owner-operator or managing a fleet, our policies meet your unique needs.

Stallion Insurance Group’s primary mission is to assure you that your vehicles are well-protected with proper car insurance. Contact us today at 323-530-2879 to explore our services.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs for Car Insurance

What is no-fault insurance?
No-fault is a commonly misused term when it comes to auto insurance in states around the country. Many believe that that no-fault means that you cannot be liable for an accident regardless of who is at-fault. This is not the case. While no-fault has differences in each state, the most common application is to a set of policy benefits that apply specifically to the named drivers on a policy. These no-fault benefits simply protect the policy holder regardless of fault. They do not mean that accident records collected note ‘no-fault.’ In Minnesota, no-fault PIP coverage provides for your medical and work loss from an accident whether you are at-fault or not. However, also in Minnesota, a vehicle damaged in a not-at-fault accident is likely to be claimed against the at-fault driver’s property damage coverage. The mix of these different interactions with fault in a single policy can be understandably confusing and we strongly recommend connecting with an advisor who fully understands how insurance regulations work in your state.
What auto coverage amounts do I need?
What amount of coverage one needs depends on their livelihood, location, risk tolerance and assets. States have minimum coverage amounts that attempt to avoid complications from incidents. However, we frequently find that state minimum amounts unnecessarily expose individuals to liability that can be easily avoided by working with the right advisor and acquiring coverage limits that fit your needs.
What should I do about my young driver?
Each situation is different. However, we do to encourage that parents considering the long-term positive effects for their kids of including them on their policies as quickly as possible. It is worth stressing that while it may be a bit more expensive to include them, you are doing them a favor down the road. Not establishing insurance history for your licensed child will make them pay a much more expensive rate when they are looking for their own insurance.
Do I need my own car insurance policy?
Many will play games with this question and put people onto policies that they probably should not be on. The most important question to determine who should be on the policy is who owns the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle, listed on the title, should be the named insured on the insurance policy. Many times people will informally gift cars without going through the title process. We strongly discourage this and if it is determined that the policy is not being purchased for the legal owner of the vehicle, there is a huge risk exposure for all parties involved.
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